Rush Limbaugh on 'Hannity': Establishment Can't Afford to Let Trump Succeed

Tomi Lahren: The Left Is Putting Hatred of Trump Above What's Good for the Country

Rush Limbaugh said in an exclusive interview with Sean Hannity that the establishment in Washington is afraid President Trump will interrupt their system.

Limbaugh said that Trump is reviled in Washington circles as an "outsider" and a political "neophyte" who has interrupted the decades-long status quo.

"They didn't expect Trump to win... They're still unhappy that Trump won," he said.

"The Washington establishment in both parties is a small club - it's elite," Limbaugh said.

"Trump would never be admitted in this club no matter what he did... They can’t afford for an outsider neophyte to come in and redo everything, fix things in 3 months... show that it can be done," he added.

Limbaugh said that some characteristics of Trump's tax plan are more aligned with Democrats than Republicans, but that overall, it is "pure populism."

He said there have been overtones in it of the Democratic Party mantra that "a majority of Americans want the rich punished."

"That's the Democratic Party class-envy argument," Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh also spoke at length about the power of the media and how it is closely aligned with the goals of the left.

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