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Tomi Lahren: A Free Speech Lesson for NFL Anthem Kneelers

Fans at Green Bay's Lambeau Field chanted "U-S-A" as the national anthem played before Thursday night's game.

One Packers fan, 59-year-old Steve Tate, described the scene as "really patriotic"

The Packers had asked fans to link their arms, as the teams did, to show unity. Some did so, but many others did not, according to a local sports reporter at the game. 

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers said "it's a free country" when he was asked about fans who did not lock arms. He said the anthem protests are not about the military, but about showing unity in the face of "divisiveness" from the president. 

None of the Bears or Packers players took a knee for "The Star-Spangled Banner" after last weekend's mass protest by NFL teams following critical comments by President Trump.

The Denver Broncos announced Wednesday that they will stand for the anthem before their game on Sunday.

On the flip side, a Tennessee Titans player told fans to stay at home if they're angry over the players' protests. 

Watch what fans in Green Bay had to say about the anthem kneelers this morning to "Fox & Friends" anchor Todd Piro. 

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