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Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro said the NFL "took a massive hit" from public backlash against the players' national anthem protests.

Ratings for Thursday Night Football this week were down 13 percent from last year, despite all Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers players remaining standing for the anthem.

Shapiro asked why, if the protests were "going so well" as the players intended, the teams have thus far not protested like last week.

"Ticket sales are down 31 percent," Shapiro claimed, calling the incidents a "massive hit for the NFL."

He said that last year, when Colin Kaepernick began his protests, there was lesser support for kneeling than there is today.

"A lot of this is a reaction to [President] Trump," he said.

"Trump did something... and now the NFL reversed itself," he said.

Sandra Smith added that New York Giants co-owner John Mara recently commented on the protests, saying he wants his entire team to stand for the anthem, but that he still respects those players that decide not to.

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