'OK, Bye': TN Titans' Walker Says Fans Welcome to Stay Home Over Protests

Cuomo Accuses Trump of Fomenting Racial Tension: He's Telling NFL 'Control Your Dogs'

Tucker Carlson said that the left and the mainstream media - principally CNN - is engaging in "racial demagoguery" to score political points in the wake of NFL anthem protests.

Carlson said CNN turned the anthem debate into a terrifying story about racial hatred.

He cited Chris Cuomo's assertion that President Trump's admonishment of kneeling NFL players made them into "dogs."

"Fear and rage is a ratings bonanza," Carlson said. "We're living in a scary time and people know it."

He also blasted host Don Lemon, who said that people critical of the anthem protests also think Rosa Parks' protest was "about a bus."

"Rhetoric is rapidly getting harsher," he said.

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