Cuomo Accuses Trump of Fomenting Racial Tension: He's Telling NFL 'Control Your Dogs'

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Tucker Carlson debated attorney Monique Pressley who said President Trump was being intentionally racial when criticizing NFL players for demonstrating during the national anthem.

Carlson said people will be "terrified" by CNN's Chris Cuomo invoking race in the matter, as he appeared to do earlier Thursday.

"I'm not interested in how Chris' analogy would terrify people," Pressley said, adding that minorities are "terrified every day walking down the street."

Pressley appeared to refer to Colin Kaepernick when she said "one brave man decided to sit and then take a knee" in opposition to such racial injustice.

Carlson said Cuomo, the brother of New York's governor, should not have used the dog analogy because it invokes "images of Alabama in 1955."

"There's nothing about what [Trump] said that was explicitly racial and I think it is immoral for you and others to pretend that you know what he was thinking when you don't," Carlson said.

Pressley said Cuomo's analogy illustrated how Trump allegedly meant to refer to players as possessions, in that owners have a "proprietary interest in the bodies of these African-American athletes."

"Don't give me that post-modern nonsense," Carlson interjected. "Spare me."

Watch the full exchange above.

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