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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders engaged in a lengthy exchange with American Urban Radio Networks' April Ryan.

Ryan asked Sanders if President Trump was trying to intentionally create an "NFL against the president" narrative when he objected to players kneeling for the anthem.

"Many of the NFL players are upset with the back and forth," Ryan said.

"So are many Americans," Sanders responded.

Ryan said that the NFL pledged to be "united" in the face of Trump's remarks, following up to ask whether the president's intention was to create a divisive narrative.

"The president made very clear... this should be about our country coming together to support the flag, to support the anthem," Sanders said.

Ryan said the NFL players love their country like objecting fans do, but that their protests are a way to "challenge the system" like people did in favor of suffrage and civil rights.

Later, when Sanders tried to offer Trump's side of the story, Ryan cut in.

"I gave you a chance to answer," Sanders said.

"It is a racial issue for some people," Ryan later said.

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