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Newt Gingrich believes the debate over national anthem protests has serious implications for America's future.

On "America's Newsroom," Gingrich said he fears that the NFL will succumb to pressure and try to side-step the problem by no longer performing the national anthem before games.

Echoing what he wrote in a recent op-ed, he said that America is full of people from different places with different ideologies, but the anthem is a way for us all to come together as Americans.

He said there's a "gradual erosion" occurring on college campuses, in newsrooms, in Hollywood and now on sports fields, with more and more people no longer thinking that America is a country worthy admiration and respect.

He argued it's time for a serious debate about whether we will renew our patriotism and respect our shared history, or if we will we allow our American institutions to decay.

He said he rejects watching or attending a sporting even where the "entrance price" is watching an athlete disrespect the country.

"This ought to be a sporting event Pete's sake," Gingrich said. "There should be some place in America where we can relax and be Americans without having to wear our politics on our sleeves."

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