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Lawmakers are reportedly narrowing their focus on former Obama aides who ordered the unmasking of names of Trump campaign associates who showed up in surveillance reports.

Fox News reported last week that Samantha Power, then the U.N. ambassador, sought to unmask names on an almost-daily basis in 2016.

Judge Andrew Napolitano said this morning that lawmakers want to know why Power, who was a diplomat not involved in national security or intelligence matters, was able to receive the unmasked names.

"It's the $64,000 question and we don't know the answer," the senior judicial analyst said on "Fox & Friends."

Napolitano called on FBI Director Chris Wray to look into the "potential felonies," adding that in the case of Gen. Michael Flynn, his name was unmasked and then leaked to the press.

During his show last week, Tucker Carlson questioned whether Power was operating in the interest of national security or politics. 

"How many terror attacks do you think Samantha Power thwarted by unmasking 200 names?" he asked.

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