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Rush Limbaugh on 'Hannity': Establishment Can't Afford to Let Trump Succeed

Accused NSA leaker Reality Winner said she disseminated top secret documents in part because she was upset the agency airs Fox News Channel on its televisions.

Greg Gutfeld said he doesn't like that his gym airs BRAVO network, remarking, "I don't commit treason over it, I just puke."

"[Fox News] is always reporting what other networks leave out. Being fair and balanced can drive you nuts," he said.

He said that there are probably many people who don't like having CNN displayed ubiquitously in airports, with a "shouting Ana Navarro at every gate."

Gutfeld said that the feelings are a product of the current generation: "I'm not getting what I want so you're gonna pay."

"If life gives you lemons or Fox News, you make lemonade or you put on headphones," he said, adding that Winner could "fill an hour on MSNBC" because she has shown herself to act "immature, bitter and nutty."

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