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Tucker Carlson said that the ruling class in America either does not know or refuses to explain in raw statistics what it means to allow millions of illegal immigrants into the country.

"You'll notice the failure... of our elites to grapple with what exactly it means to allow millions of low-skilled workers to move here," he said.

"They don't really want to know," he said. "[It's] about their politics."

Carlson said liberals try to make it sound like "all [illegal immigrants] are a high school valedictorian... or [will] invent the next Apple [computer]."

"Facts rarely enter into the conversation at all - it's wholly emotional," Carlson said.

He laid out some facts about illegal immigration that he said the left would not likely publicize.

Carlson said that 11 million illegal immigrants cost American taxpayers $135B per year in medical, educational and law enforcement costs. Offsetting that number by the taxes they pay still leaves a $116B sum left over.

He said that by restricting that amount of illegal immigration, every public college tuition could be covered by the government, something left-wing Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has supported.

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