O'Reilly Rips NFL: While They Knelt in London, Did They Think of Soldiers 3K Miles Away?

O'Reilly: Left-Wing 'Totalitarians' Want to Wipe Out Speech They Disagree With

Stuart Varney said the left is using identity politics to encourage division and push its own agenda.

He said the latest national anthem protests during NFL games have been used to promote that view.

"Most liberals don't much care for football. It's too masculine, too brutal," he said, adding that several figures "jumped on anthem protests and turned them into an opportunity to display an anti-Trump sentiment."

Varney said Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) and Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) both took a knee on the House floor in solidarity with the protesting players.

He said football used to unite Americans, but instead has been commandeered by the left to forward their viewpoints.

"The game is suffering. Those who love the sport are turning away," he said.

Varney said viewers don't get to vote on whether their team's players will object to the flag or the president, but can make their voices heard by changing the channel.

He said the NFL will be forced to change course if that happens or if advertisers flee from the sport.

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