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Erich Nikischer worked at Buffalo's New Era Field for nearly 30 years before Sunday when he walked out of the stadium for good after seeing Bills players protest the national anthem. 

"After the anthem ended, I took off my Buffalo Bills hat, threw it on the ground, took off my security shirt and walked out,” Nikischer told "Fox & Friends" on Wednesday.

Nikischer said he has family members who are disabled veterans, and their sacrifice is what the anthem represents to him.

His father, a career war veteran, was "in tears with pride" after Nikischer quit.

The anthem is "something I hold dear to my heart," he said. "I stood up for veterans and I did the right thing."

The former security guard vowed never to set foot in the stadium again, nor watch an NFL football game until the protests end.

Nikischer said he has received a lot of support for his decision, including from Gold Star mothers.

He recommended to players that they go out into the community and try to solve problems rather than simply kneeling and saying, "There's a problem. Someone else fix it."

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