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Former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka objected to a civil rights attorney who said national anthem protests were not about insulting the anthem but instead bringing attention to racial inequality.

Daryl Parks said that Americans are "crying out" to President Trump to bring them together. 

"We love America," Parks said.

"You love the flag?" Gorka asked, continuing to ask whether Parks understood that the red on the stripes is the same blood bled by American servicemembers of all ethnicities.

"It's a symbol of unity," he said of the flag.

Gorka said that when caskets of fallen servicemembers arrive at Dover, Del., no one thinks of the person under the draped flag as having a specific skin color.

"None of those dead Americans are honored by the flag in partisan ways," he said. "If you don't want a unitary nation, then you don't have a nation."

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