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Commentator Mark Steyn said the NFL is "subverting a civic ritual" by allowing their players to kneel during the national anthem.

He said that actions of players in recent times negate the reasoning for taxpayer-subsidized stadiums in many NFL cities.

Steyn said the league legitimizes asking for tax dollars because football is considered a public civic event in which the entire community can come together.

"You can't have that and then for these organizations to strike at the most basic civic ritual which is standing for the national anthem," Steyn said.

He called the kneelers "absolutely revolting."

"The free speech argument is completely disingenuous. These are the same people who say that if Ben Shapiro or the head of the IMF or Ayaan Hirsi Ali come to an American college, it's so traumatizing you have to have a safe space," he said.

"These same people will defend the hollowing out of one of the few communal acts remaining in a divided nation," he said.

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