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Roy Moore, who won the closely watched race to fill Jeff Sessions' Senate seat Tuesday, said President Trump will back him once he knows him.

President Trump threw his support for the GOP nomination behind Sen. Luther Strange, who took over Sessions' seat in February when Sessions was confirmed as U.S. attorney general.

"I don't think the president knew me, and I think that when he gets to know me that he'll understand that I do support a very conservative agenda for this country, and I think that he will back me," Moore opined.

Moore said the president called him after his win and promised to support him.

He added that he is "very much prepared for" the general election in December despite GOP fears that he is vulnerable.

"The people of Alabama can't be bought. And they stood, and they voted, and here we are today," Moore told "Fox & Friends" Wednesday morning after his victory.

Although the new nominee slammed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell while campaigning for Senate, he said Wednesday he would work with anyone who was for a conservative agenda.

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