Top Dem: NFL Owners Must 'Make Clear' They Won't Tolerate Kneeling For Flag

Clinton: 'Hopefully Trump Hasn't Ordered Killing of People and Journalists' Like Putin

Tucker Carlson called rhetoric from defenders of NFL players who knelt for the national anthem "disingenuous nonsense."

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) "took a knee" on the House floor and voiced her objection to President Trump calling athletes "S.O.B's."

"That is racism," Jackson Lee said.

CNN anchor Don Lemon decreed that "no American gets to tell another American how to express their love for this country."

Carlson reflected directly on Lemon's statement, repeating it and calling it "disingenuous nonsense."

He said the left and the elites would be up in arms if spectators displayed their free speech by kneeling for the Mexican flag.

Carlson added that those same people who claim the moral high ground would be the first to "call for your job" if you "dared stray from the approved script of acceptable public discourse."

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