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'Disingenuous Nonsense': Carlson Says Kneeling-Supporting Elites Would 'Call for Your Job' Over Opposing Opinions

Tucker Carlson debated National Bar Association PAC attorney Scott Bolden regarding the legitimacy of NFL players kneeling for the national anthem.

After a few minutes of discussion Carlson called out Bolden for "uncorking racist sentiments on my show" when he said that "a majority of white America" is failing to address injustice.

They aren't "doing their part in fixing and correcting and working with people of color to make this country better," Bolden said.

"I didn't know you were going to uncork racist sentiments on this show," Carlson responded, asking if he would be "bounced" from his job if he reversed the races in his statement.

Bolden said Carlson would never understand his "plight" - a statement Carlson dismissed by pointing to the attorney's "thousand-dollar cufflinks."

"Don't give me the victim card," he said, calling Bolden's argument "fundamentally unreasonable" and "inherently racist."

"Your cufflinks cost more than my first car," Carlson said, asking what District of Columbia neighborhood Bolden lives in.

Carlson said he himself lives in Northwest Washington, cracking a wry smile and telling Bolden, "you live in my neighborhood."

"For a rich guy like you... to dismiss the whole thing as immoral is in itself disgusting, actually," Carlson said.

Watch the fiery exchange above.

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