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Legendary college football coach Lou Holtz said NFL players should be less focused on making political statements and more focused on unifying as a team and winning games.

"The most important thing if you're going to win, you have to have a solid locker room," Holtz said. "If you do not have unity in the locker room, you do not have a chance to win."

He said if he were still a coach, he would tell his players that they can't use the team to promote any personal or political causes.

"You want to do that as an individual, I'm all for you, I'll support you," Holtz said. "But you will not bring that onto the team."

Holtz stressed that the team can't win if everybody has a different objective for being on the team.

"You join the team and all come together. We have one common cause," Holtz said. "And that's where we're getting away from what it is."

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