Clinton: 'Hopefully Trump Hasn't Ordered Killing of People and Journalists' Like Putin

Trump: I Was Ashamed, Not Preoccupied by NFL Anthem Protests

Kimberly Guilfoyle said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has the responsibility to solve the problem of ongoing national anthem protests. 

"This is an issue straight up with Roger Goodell. This could've been avoided," Guilfoyle said, calling the negative reaction from fans a product of bad management.

"Now it festers and it's metastasized," she said, asking what price the league will pay if they continue to alienate fans and customers.

Juan Williams pushed back on the idea that TV ratings for NFL games are suffering, calling it "fake news."

He argued that the flag represents American values and freedoms, including the right to protest, and that the flag doesn't only stand for the military. 

Williams said anyone who doesn't see that minorities have a different experience with police officers is "intentionally blinding themselves to reality."

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