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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said her new directives involving sexual assault policies on campus are a way to return due process to both the defendant and the victim.

Martha MacCallum reported that DeVos' moves will reverse Obama-era policies that often resulted in "those who were innocent [having] no fair forum from which to launch their defense."

One parent of an accused male said that her 18-year old couldn't have a lawyer in any of the hearings, in violation of his Fifth Amendment rights.

DeVos said that one sexual assault on campus is one too many, but that "one person denied due process is [also] one too many."

"We have every intention of continuing to make sure that students feel safe and that they have a fair and equal forum to work through issues such as this," she said.

"I represent change, and change is difficult," she said of being witness to multiple protests against her in her first year on the job.

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