WATCH: Tomi Lahren Blasts Ellen for Banning 'Dangerous' Trump from Talk Show

Final Thoughts: Another City, Another Riot; Tomi Takes on St. Louis Protesters

In her newest Final Thoughts commentary, Tomi Lahren takes on the many NFL players who knelt for the national anthem on Sunday...

It's time for final thoughts.

So the Left and overpaid, whiny pro-athletes are now all about the Constitution and First Amendment. Yeah, so long as the message and speech is their own. See, they keep getting this whole free speech thing twisted so let me help ‘em out.

First of all, team owners have every right to enforce rules and standing for the anthem should be one of them - if the NFL values money, ratings, and viewership. And Roger Goodell, you disgust me. You’re the same fool who denied the Dallas Cowboys' request to wear an Arm and Arm decal on their helmets in honor of slain police officers. Now you’re about free speech and this is the cause you choose to defend? The hatred of America, the disrespect of our country, our flag and our patriotism? Way to go.

And here’s the thing about the First Amendment, free speech and freedom of expression - Democrats, kneelers, and Leftist mainstream media hacks listen up - free speech isn’t just saying what you want to say, it’s also hearing what you don’t want to hear. See, problem is these people think they should be able to do whatever they want and no one should criticize or question it. Wrong. Your protest doesn’t get a safe space, it doesn’t get bubble wrap. You want to get political? Fine. Put it out there, disrespect the country, but don’t for one second think people like me are going to let it go unquestioned. No. I’ll be happy to remind you what that flag and that anthem mean because maybe, just maybe, it’s bigger than you and your temper tantrum.

We stand for the anthem and salute the flag out of respect for those who have fought, died and sacrificed so we can live and flourish in the greatest nation on the face of the earth. It's not a cloth and a song. These symbols are an eternal reminder of how blessed we are to be Americans. Remember, millions of people would die to be in our shoes.

Under God and under the American flag we are not white, black or brown, we are RED WHITE and BLUE. Congrats Colin Kaepernick, you made hatred of America the new celebrity fad. George Soros is so proud. President Trump has every right to defend our country, our anthem, and our flag. If that offends you, too bad.

Respect, honor and love of country isn't a white thing or a Conservative thing, or a Trump supporter thing. It's an American thing. It's a reminder to the military families who have lost loved ones their fellow Americans recognize and remember their sacrifice. That's why we stand.

And since when did disrespecting the American flag, our national anthem, our military, and our veterans become agenda items of the Democratic Party? Is that what you stand for, Democrats? If so, it’s no wonder you continue to lose elections. Keep it up, you’re reminding America-loving patriots why we voted for Donald J. Trump. Yeah, kneeling for the anthem might win Hollywood and the mainstream media but defending and loving this country wins the American people.

Those are my final thoughts. From L.A., God bless you, God bless America, and take care. 

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