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'It's Disgusting': NFL Fans React to National Anthem Protests

Sean Hannity weighed in on the NFL players' national anthem protests, saying they will ultimately hurt themselves and the league.

"The NFL is going to have to make a decision," Hannity called in to tell "Fox & Friends" on Monday.

The host predicted that the league will see an erosion in its ratings and revenue and players will see their contract numbers go down.

"Once it starts hurting their bottom line I think they're going to realize maybe the American people would rather see football and rather join and honor their country first," Hannity said. "I think naturally people are going to get turned off and turn away."

President Trump came down hard on the protesting players, calling on team owners to fire any player who disrespects Old Glory.

Hannity will premiere his new 9pm time slot tonight with analysis of the Alabama senate race.

The show will also feature Steve Bannon's first cable news interview since leaving his White House role.

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