Former NFL Player: Anthem Kneeling Mischaracterized as Unpatriotic

Steve Bannon to NFL: 'Take A Knee - At Night to Thank God Donald Trump is POTUS'

Hillary Clinton said women who support President Trump are "publicly disrespecting themselves."

Clinton said Trump is "even worse" than she thought he would be as a leader, telling MSNBC she had "deep doubts" about his preparation, temperament and character.

She said that when she heard women chanting "lock her up" or other anti-Clinton phrases, they were "publicly disrespecting themselves."

"Why are they opening the door to have someone say something about them?" she asked.

Republican commentator Erin Elmore called it the "Part Two" of Clinton's "Basket of Deplorables" remarks.

Elmore said Clinton still refuses to take the blame for her loss.

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