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Greg Gutfeld reacted to the widespread protests against the national anthem at Sunday's NFL games.

Gutfeld noted how players even kneeled for the "Star-Spangled Banner" in London, where the Jaguars faced the Ravens.

"But [they] stood for 'God Save the Queen'," Gutfeld said. "Yup. Because the British Empire was so amazing. It sent three million Africans into slavery," he said sarcastically.

Gutfeld said several Washington Redskins took a knee against the anthem but not against their own controversial logo.

He also riffed on Oakland Raiders who chose to kneel: "I'm sure pirates weren't community organizers."

Gutfeld said players can disagree with Trump but cannot be shocked by his words when NFL players like Colin Kaepernick politicized the game by wearing socks depicting cops as pigs.

"You protest on-the-clock, a businessman's going to want to fire you," he said, calling the league "crippled by identity politics."

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