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Puerto Rico is facing a humanitarian disaster after being slammed by Hurricanes Irma and Maria within two weeks of each other.

After Maria, the U.S. island territory has no electrical power except from generators. That has led to extremely long lines to get gas since people cannot access fresh water without power. There is very little cell phone service, and some residents have been left completely isolated due to damaged roads.

Geraldo Rivera just reunited with his family in the commonwealth's capital, San Juan, where he said the situation is "very, very bad."

"You have a population of 3.4 million people living in dire, dire straits," Rivera said. "The people of Puerto Rico are an extraordinary people. They are a resilient, innovative, enterprising people. But they have been battered in a way that words almost fail."

He visited some family members, who still live in the same home on the outskirts of San Juan that he lived in as a boy.

"This disaster takes on this whole different, personal dimension," Rivera said. "They have no power, they have no water, they are struggling. The children are not in school."

He said the people of Puerto Rico need help, and he called for something like the Marshall Plan, which rebuilt Europe in the wake of World War II.

"Puerto Rico has to be rebuilt."

Watch more from Rivera above.

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