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Former Minnesota Vikings special teamer Jack Brewer said that NFL players who kneel for the national anthem are mischaracterized as unpatriotic.

Brewer said they are not explicitly objecting to the national anthem, but instead to President Trump for disrespecting them.

"They're going against a president who called them sons-of-(expletive)s," Brewer said.

He said the league's players support the military and local law enforcement, noting that he personally is a spokesperson for the Police Athletic League.

"We cannot continue to have this divisive rhetoric," he said.

Retired Navy SEAL Carl Higbie disagreed.

Higbie said the protests began with Colin Kaepernick, "under a two-term black president with two black attorneys general."

He said the league is 70 percent black and that the players make on average 30 percent more than their white viewership.

"Never bet against patriotism," he said. "My friends came home draped in their boxes under that flag."

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