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David Clarke: Trump 'Wins Either Way' in Alabama GOP Primary

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) on Friday announced his opposition the Republican ObamaCare overhaul bill, which could doom GOP leaders' attempts to pass the health care reform legislation.

President Donald Trump slammed McCain at a rally in Alabama on Friday night, saying the Arizona senator's opposition to the Cassidy-Graham bill is "terrible, honestly terrible."

On "Fox & Friends Weekend," Dan Bongino said it's stunning that the survival of ObamaCare appears to be more dependent on the reelection of McCain than the reelection of Obama.

"How many times is this guy going to rescue ObamaCare from the abyss?" Bongino, a former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer, wondered.

"John McCain sold us all out. And I'm still wondering why he claims to be a Republican senator, despite being the Democrats' best friend right now," Bongino said.

As for McCain's contention that Republicans should not be content to pass health care legislation on a party-line basis, Bongino said McCain is looking for a reason to vote against the GOP bill.

"John McCain ran ... on repealing ObamaCare. He's rescued this thing twice," Bongino said, wondering at what point the GOP should say, "You're not a member of our party anymore."

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