Tomi Lahren: Selective Feminists Cyberbully Melania Trump Over Pink Dress

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On "Hannity" last night, Tomi Lahren and Jessica Tarlov reacted to First Lady Melania Trump's speech about cyberbullying at a United Nations luncheon and the resulting criticism.

Ironically, many social media users began mocking the first lady for her fashion choice at the luncheon: a hot pink, oversized dress.

Hillary Clinton didn't have any remarks on the dress, but she did question if Trump is "serious" about following through and working to prevent cyberbullying.

Lahren pointed out that cyberbullying is not a partisan issue, yet the first lady finds herself under attack for speaking out.

"Where are the feminists?" she asked, noting that they never seem to come out in defense of conservative women like Sarah Sanders and Kellyanne Conway.

Tarlov argued that is related to policy, claiming that Sanders and Conway advocate policies that hurt women.

"If you advocate for an agenda that does not help women get better access to health care, that does not raise the minimum wage, that does not support maternity leave, you're not helping women," Tarlov said.

Lahren said that has nothing to do with the bullying attacks on the first lady and the subsequent lack of outrage from the left or feminists.

"I don't see the feminists coming out, saying, 'Leave a woman alone. Leave an empowered female alone,'" Lahren said. "I don't see the feminists doing that."

Tarlov agreed that Trump shouldn't be ridiculed for taking up the issue of cyberbullying or for her fashion choices, but she said the problem is that her husband, President Donald Trump, is the "biggest cyberbully of them all."

"Why isn't she advocating for this at home with him?" Tarlov asked.

Lahren said the left gets hung up on a few "mean tweets" from the president, and they ignore the fact that multiple key positions in his campaign and administration have been filled by successful, empowered women.

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