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Greg Palkot got a rare interview with a North Korean defector who warned the U.S. to take dictator Kim Jong Un's threats seriously.

Following North Korean threats to test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean, President Donald Trump tweeted Friday that the rogue regime's leader would be "tested like never before."

Kim Yeomyong, who says he defected from North Korea two years ago via the South Korean embassy in Beijing during a business trip, said he grew disillusioned with Kim Jong Un and the U.S. should be careful too.

"He's very dangerous," Kim Yeomyong said. "He is smarter and stronger than you think."

He said that Kim Jong Un wants to live long with power and authority.

As for Trump's new executive order that cracks down on individuals, companies and financial institutions that do business with North Korea, Kim Yeomyong seemed to think that's the right strategy.

"If the international community wants to stop watching North Korea's provocations of nuclear weapons and missiles, they need to completely stop foreign money going into North Korea," he said in his native Korean language. "If they can't do that, North Korea will be there forever."

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