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Kellyanne Conway appeared on "Fox & Friends" this morning to react to President Donald Trump taking action against North Korea, and the response from the international community.

On Thursday, Trump signed a new executive order that cracks down on individuals, companies and financial institutions that do business with North Korea, in an effort to curb the rogue nation's nuclear program.

Conway, counselor to the president, expressed optimism that China, North Korea's most critical trading partner, will be more helpful in keeping Kim Jong Un's regime in check.

"We have a different president, and he’s very serious," Conway said, adding that Trump has bolstered the relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping. "When it comes time to apply additional pressure to North Korea, China is listening."

She noted that Chinese banks received a document Monday stating they should halt financial services and loans to new and existing North Korean customers, which followed two separate unanimous votes by the UN Security Council to heavily sanction North Korea.

She said all of this shows world leaders taking Trump’s actions - not his threats or his words - very seriously.

"North Korea is everybody’s problem. This is not a distinctly American issue," Conway said. "That rogue nation that represses its own people, that so brazenly discharges its missiles into the sovereignty of a country like Japan, that is everybody’s issue."

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