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Tucker Carlson debated director, actor and producer Rob Reiner, who recently formed an organization called the "Committee to Investigate Russia."

Reiner and actor Morgan Freeman collaborated to release a video calling on the public to understand that Russia has attacked the United States' democracy.

"How would you respond if President Trump took you seriously and sent the B-52s to St. Petersburg or blockaded the Gulf of Finland? Would you support that?" Carlson asked. "When does the bombing start, exactly."

Reiner clarified that his group is not claiming that Russia attacked the United States in a conventional military sense, but has instead conducted a cyber war on our electoral process and elsewhere.

Carlson said that, either way, it is ironic that Reiner and fellow Hollywood liberals are suddenly on the side of 'hawks' like Bush speechwriter David Frum and author Max Boot, rather than aligned with anti-war factions.

"We're not advocating going to war... or a traditional war with Russia," he said. "We've been invaded in a certain way."

Reiner said that Americans cannot fathom cyber warfare the way they understand conventional wars like World War II and the Iraq War. He recalled sheltering under his school desk during fallout drills in the 1950s.

"A lot of this is deeply disingenuous," Carlson responded, reiterating that Reiner is suddenly taking the opposite tact that he and others in his group have in the past when it comes to warfare.

He asked Reiner to legitimize his claims against Russia while his group remains silent on the provable hacks and actions China has taken against the Department of Defense and other sensitive government agencies.

"You say nothing until Hillary Clinton loses, and then we're at war," Carlson said.

"The Chinese didn't try to affect an election," said Reiner, who starred in "All in the Family" in the 1970s and 80s.

Watch the full interview above.

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