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An Indiana truck driver called out the Big Brother-esque over-regulation that he experiences in his occupation. 

Writing in The Federalist, Matthew Garnett said that for truck drivers, the federal government "literally decides when [they] work, eat and sleep."

"I never thought I'd come to a time in my life when "Big Brother" would be watching me 24/7. But then I became a truck driver. Every minute of every day is monitored by Uncle Sam, who takes care that I can never make a decision for myself based on my circumstances," he wrote.

For instance, Garnett said truck drivers must schedule their routes according to a series of clocks, with limits mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration.

The clocks are designed to prevent truck drivers for staying on the road too long and potentially falling asleep at the wheel. 

But Garnett said the clocks can have the opposite effect, leading to truck drivers feeling rushed to get to their destinations before the clock runs out. 

Watch the full interview above.

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