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Mike Huckabee ripped Hillary Clinton's criticism of President Trump's speech to the United Nations.

Huckabee said on FBN that he was "so proud of the president for going to the UN and saying to the faces of these countries what most of us know to be true."

During his speech, Trump had strong warnings for rogue regimes in Iran and North Korea, to which Clinton took issue.

Clinton told CBS' Stephen Colbert that the solution is not threats but "more diplomacy."

"You were the chief diplomat of the United States. How well did that work out for us?" Huckabee said, adding that Bill Clinton made a failed deal with Kim Jong-Il in the 1990s.

To those who called Trump's speech "dark and dangerous," Huckabee said the real "dark and dangerous" issue was that "Little Kim, a.k.a. Rocket Man lighting the candle on ICBMs and firing them over Japan."

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