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On "Fox & Friends" this morning, former Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling weighed in on the controversy surrounding "SportsCenter" host Jemele Hill.

Hill tweeted last week that President Donald Trump is a "white supremacist" who is "unfit and unqualified" to be commander-in-chief.

ESPN said Hill's comments do not represent the position of the network, but they took no action against her for her comments, which has led to criticism.

Schilling, who was fired from his analyst position by ESPN in 2016 when he retweeted a meme that was deemed offensive to the LGBTQ community, said this double standard is typical for ESPN and its parent company, Disney.

"Disney and ESPN have stopped giving all pretense of objectivity," Schilling said. "They support a very intolerant, exclusive, liberal, progressive agenda."

He claimed that some of the "most racist people in sports" are on ESPN, where they are given a voice.

"Everything that the left does is based on your race, your sex, your sexual preference, your color, your religion, who you worship or who you don't. It's about identity politics," Schilling said.

As for athletes protesting the national anthem, Schilling said that wouldn't have happened during his playing days.

"Even though it was only a few years ago, it was a different generation," Schilling said. "The lack of respect for our flag, for our patriots, for our country is mind-boggling to me. But then you look at the liberal education system and the narrative it's pushing and you understand why."

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