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In his monologue, Tucker Carlson asked what would happen if America's two main political parties "changed completely and nobody noticed."

He said that his question has indeed come to fruition.

Carlson said the Democratic Party "morphed into something that bears no resemblance to what it was... ten years ago," adding that until recently the working class kept the party "grounded in the vicinity of reality."

He said that on illegal immigration and border security, President Clinton would be considered a hardliner out of sync with the rest of the party because of how strongly his views mirrored those of today's Trump movement.

"A flood of low wage labor undermines the wages of American citizens," Carlson quoted from Clinton, circa 1990s.

He said the Democrats moved from the party of Bill Clinton to the party of Maxine Waters, who he said is viewed as a "folk hero" for her opposition to President Trump.

Carlson said one of the nation's top Democrats, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is "explicitly encouraging" lawbreaking by applauding illegal immigrants who came here as children.

"Breaking our laws is now a 'great thing'," he said, quoting Pelosi.

"This is what it looks like when people in charge of the country decide to destroy it... for political power."

"It's amazing that they're now saying it out loud," he said.

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