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Lisa Boothe and Marie Harf went head to head over President Trump's "America first" message to the United Nations this week.

Trump stressed the sovereignty of the United States, saying other countries must do their part to support the international community militarily and financially and not put the lion's share of the burden on America.

"His actions often end up alienating our allies," Harf said. "Every problem he talked about yesterday is not something the United States can solve by themselves."

Trump's speech was called "dark" and "dangerous" by Hillary Clinton in an appearance with Stephen Colbert last night. Harf agreed and said the tone was "menacing" toward North Korea.

She faulted Trump for failing to tout "multi-lateralism," instead focusing on a theme of sovereignty.

She mentioned the United States' abandonment of the Paris Climate Accord and the president's public criticism of South Korea regarding North Korea.

"He has said that we will work together with shared common interests," Boothe argued. "Has President Trump said anything that you approve of?"

"Not yesterday he didn't," Harf responded.

Boothe said the media is ruining its credibility with overly negative reactions to Trump, pointing to a study that found coverage over the summer was 91 percent negative. 

"If everything is at an 11, what is actually an 11?" she asked.

Watch the debate above.

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