Youth Football Players Kneel During National Anthem

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Tucker Carlson debated former Philadelphia Eagles wideout Freddie Mitchell on the merits of a youth football team who knelt for the national anthem.

Mitchell said he loves America and is thankful to live here, but added that he and other African-Americans still encounter oppression to this day.

"America can be great again if you stop the racial profiling, if you stop a lot of things that are happening in America," Mitchell said.

"If you've got a problem with a specific case of what you think is police brutality, I'm all ears," Carlson said.

Carlson objected when Mitchell said that he could "never understand" the feelings that some have that cause them to kneel for the anthem.

"Hey, slow down. Don't pull that crap on me. I'm telling you that [I agree] some things are upsetting," Carlson said.

Mitchell disagreed with Carlson's later assertion that kneeling for the anthem or turning one's back on the American flag is a symbolic attack on the United States.

Carlson said people should not be trying to convince children that the country is "rotten." Mitchell said in many minority communities, they are not living the "American dream."

"It's hard to live here," he said, though he added he would never tell people in other countries not to legally come to the U.S. 

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