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Commentator and legal immigrant Mark Steyn said he "did the boring thing" by following American immigration law, and therefore gets none of the sympathy that DACA recipients receive.

"I'm a non-DREAMer. Nobody sentimentalizes me," he said of Democrats who use tales of illegal immigrants' hardship to defend the rights of the undocumented.

Steyn said many of the DACA supporters talk about "brave journeys" through the desert.

"Nobody ever says that about me and my kids," the Canadian immigrant to New Hampshire said. "We did the boring thing and filled out the paperwork."

On the topic of the supporters of illegal immigration speaking broadly about their fear or disdain for Trump, Steyn said it reminded him of Democrats during the Bush years.

He said that many on the left had bumper stickers during the Iraq War that said "Bush scares me."

"Nobody in Saddam Hussein's Iraq was driving around saying 'Saddam scares me'," he said.

"John Kasich would scare them," Steyn said, referring to the Ohio governor's centrist stance on many issues compared to President Trump.

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