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Police in Britain have arrested three more suspects in connection with the London subway bombing that injured 30 people, bringing the total number of detainees to five.

These new arrests follow the capture of two suspects over the weekend. Those men came to Britain as refugees from Iraq and Syria.

Aaron Cohen, a former Israeli special operations officer and counterterrorism expert, said Britain's lax immigration policies are putting citizens at risk.

"The headline could have read: Britain Continuing to Import Terrorists," Cohen said. "I know that's harsh, but terrorism and counterterrorism is a harsh business."

He said that Europeans are "fed up" with with immigration and refugee policies that have imported thousands of people who fundamentally oppose Western values.

He said that's why President Donald Trump's travel ban is intended to slow down travel and immigration from hotbeds of terrorism - like Iraq and Syria - so more thorough vetting can take place.

"I think it's the only way to start physically spotting these threats," Cohen said.

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