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New Jersey's Republican gubernatorial candidate, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, sent her Democratic opponent a box of calculators so that he could find the "true cost" of his campaign promises.

Phil Murphy, President Obama's ambassador to Germany and a former Goldman Sachs executive, recently promised tuition-free community college for New Jersey residents.

Guadagno said on Facebook that Murphy's latest $200-400 million plan brought the total cost of his campaign promises to $75 billion.

"Phil Murphy has promised so much spending during his campaign, he can't keep track," Guadagno said. "So, our campaign volunteers sent him a box of calculators."

"He wants you, the taxpayer, to work longer and harder to pay more in taxes," she said.

Murphy previously said he plans to pay for his new entitlements through $1.3 billion in tax hikes, according to NJ.com.

He also said he wants to focus on student debt relief, affordable housing, as well as high-speed internet for all residents.

The latest Real Clear Politics average shows Murphy with a 24-point lead over Guadagno, which has led to speculation that her role as Gov. Chris Christie's (R-N.J.) deputy has hurt her numbers.

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