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John Bolton says President Donald Trump's address to the United Nations General Assembly was the "best speech of the Trump presidency."

Bolton, a former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, said the centerpiece of Trump's speech was his criticism of the behavior of North Korea and Iran.

"It's safe to say, in the entire history of the United Nations, there has never been a more straightforward criticism of the unacceptable behavior of other member states," Bolton said.

He pointed out that Trump threatened the "total destruction'" of North Korea if it does not abandon its nuclear weapons program.

As for Iran, Bolton said, Trump was just as direct in his criticism of former President Obama's nuclear deal with the Islamic republic.

"[He] said, as he has said many times before, it is one of the worst, most one-sided deals in American history, an embarrassment to the country, and we haven't heard the last of it," Bolton said.

"I think these are about as clear an indication as a president can make that he's not going to live with the kind of half-measures and compromises that frankly for 25 years have marked American policy and led us to the present desperate situation where both these countries are on the verge of getting deliverable nuclear weapons."

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