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Nancy Pelosi got shouted down at her own press conference on Monday by immigration activists and "Dreamers" furious at her for entering talks with President Trump on the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals program.

The DACA supporters chanted "Liar!" at the visibly upset House minority leader until she left the event.

Lisa Boothe said she thinks "Dreamers" are in fact justified in their frustration at the House minority leader and Democratic party.

"What did they do? They had both bodies of Congress and the White House. They failed to get immigration done," Boothe pointed out. "They went with ObamaCare instead so immigration clearly wasn't the number one priority.

"These individuals are left where they currently are because President Obama moved forward with a program that was unconstitutional."

PResident Trump has given Congress six months to work out a legislative solution to DACA before the program is phased out.

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