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Several mainstream media personalities ripped President Trump's speech to the United Nations, including MSNBC's Chris Matthews and ABC's Terry Moran.

Moran, the network's chief foreign correspondent, said that Trump's threat to obliterate North Korea if the Kim regime attacks the United States amounts to a "war crime."

"The words 'totally destroying' a nation of 25 million people, that borders on the threat of committing a war crime," Moran told George Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos, a former spokesman for Bill Clinton, said Trump possibly "opened up a justification for preventative war against North Korea."

Off-air, Moran tweeted a more mixed review of Trump's speech.

Matthews said Trump "lowered the bar for human decency" with his remarks.

ABC's Joy Behar appeared to take Moran's tack on the event, saying he is "talking about annihilating millions."

Meanwhile, former UN Ambassador John Bolton said on Fox News that Trump made the best speech of his presidency.

On The Five, Kennedy said it wasn't surprising to "see people react with hysteria" to Trump's remarks.

"They haven't quite gotten the concept that that's not the best way to counter this president," she said.

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