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The Dallas Independent School District is considering changing the names of four schools named after Confederate generals.

The schools in question are named after Stonewall Jackson, Albert Sydney Johnson, Robert E. Lee, and William Cabell.

The district was originally considering changing the names of several schools named after Founding Fathers, including Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

"Yes, Benjamin Franklin owned slaves, but he also freed a lot of slaves and founded a group to free slaves," The Blaze host Lawrence Jones told "Fox & Friends First."

“Benjamin Franklin clearly had many accomplishments that form the basis for why the school was named after him,” Trustee Dustin Marshall wrote on Facebook. “I don’t believe this school was named after Franklin to send a signal of oppression and control.”

Jones said communities can decide whether they want to keep Confederate statues, but he recommended using the money spent on tearing them down to instead build up the education system or otherwise strengthen the community.

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