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Tucker Carlson criticized Sunday's Emmy Awards as a President Trump bashing-fest that only succeeding in proving the "contempt" the "ruling class" and Hollywood have for Middle America.

"Dismissing Trump voters as evil allows those actors on stage last night... to sustain the current very warped system " that keeps them believing "they are the very best people," Carlson said.

He said the acceptance speeches showed the "contempt America's ruling class has for the rest of the country," adding that most of the actors effectively "denounced" Trump voters for pulling that lever.

Carlson also said the awards themselves show that Hollywood is detached from the rest of America when it comes to what is considered "art."

He dismissed the decision to award comedian John Oliver the Emmy for Best Variety Series, calling the Briton's "Last Week Tonight" a "weekly sanctimony-fest."

Carlson also blasted actress Issa Rae for telling a reporter she was rooting for "anybody black."

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