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Judge Napolitano shook his head over two Trump lawyers who were overheard loudly discussing the Russia investigation over lunch.

Outside counsels Ty Cobb and John Dowd were overheard by New York Times reporter Kenneth P. Vogel at BLT Steak near the White House and The New York Times' Washington Bureau.

The lawyers conversation pointed to internal friction between White House and Trump lawyers over the investigation.

"Don't talk in public about your client's issues, whether he's the president or anybody," the judge told host Bill Hemmer.

Napolitano also pointed out that the lawyers should be careful about withholding documents from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

"You cannot do that" without explaining to the government your reasons for withholding the information, he said.

"You can't pretend that it doesn't exist," he said. "That's when lawyers get in trouble."

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