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Another city, another riot and I have some Final Thoughts:

So far we have scores of arrests, nearly two dozen businesses vandalized and at least 10 officers injured. I’ve said it before but I’m going to say it again: if you’re throwing rocks, bricks and water bottles filled with paint thinner, you are not a "protester," you are not a "demonstrator," you are a thug, and why no one has the guts to say it is beyond me.

If you're waiting for the leftist mainstream media or Black Lives Matter to denounce the violence or the property damage, don't hold your breath.

Could it be that we've become so head shy and politically correct, we as Americans are scared to call it what it is? Maybe because the second someone calls out this thuggery, the BLM violence, or the BS, that person is automatically labeled a racist. Enough is enough.

Listen up, Black Lives Matter. When you converge upon the St. Louis mayor's house, throw paint, rocks and break windows, you are unfit to call your organization a social justice movement. I understand you're mad about a verdict but do you really think this display of utter lawlessness is going to accomplish anything? And for that matter, what did these local businesses do to you? You're destroying your own community, you're destroying your neighbor’s property and livelihood, and for what?

Is this how you make a difference? By attacking police officers that have to stand out there to protect you while you spit in their faces and scream at them? One officer sustained a head injury from a thrown brick while another suffered a broken jaw. Unbelievable. You're throwing a lot of things around, but peace, love and tolerance aren’t included.

We've got people in Houston and Florida rebuilding after two major hurricanes and it's sick and disgusting the folks of St. Louis will have to do the same because you think your protest, your antics and your methods are above the law. Wrong. You want equality, understanding and respect? Show it.

You don’t get a safe space to loot and burn. Enough is enough.

Those are my final thoughts. From L.A., God bless and take care.

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