By: Travis Fedschun

A wheelchair basketball team in California is now facing a new hardship after thieves stole a trailer that transported specialized equipment.

The Sacramento Royals Basketball Team said the trailer for the youth team was stolen Thursday outside a home in Sacramento. No chairs were taken, but now the youth team has no way to practice because there is no way to transport the chairs.

"We've worked really hard to attain it for the programs and our biggest goal was to always have a kids program," Christian Rodriguez, the team's president, told FOX40. "That's finally unfolding here for the last few months, but for this to happen right now, right before the season starts. We have eight kids that are dependent on us to transfer these chairs to practice and now we can't do that."

The adult team is able to continue practicing and playing because they are able to bring their own wheelchairs, but a special basketball clinic scheduled for next month may be canceled.

Coaches with the Royals said the non-profit team is a way for the kids to feel accepted.

"It's not a sport where kids from different areas come together like most high school athletics," coach Alicia Szutowicz told FOX40. "They don't have that. So, telling them that this wonderful thing that you've started to build is going away; it's dream crushing."

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help raise $4,000 so the team can get a new trailer before the next practice.

"Transportation is one of the key parts in the larger scheme of things. Without it we are and truly have nothing," the team said in the GoFundMe post.

Stephen Christian, who plays on the youth and adult team, told FOX40 he’s mad about the theft.

"Some people love the sport, but they just don't have the means or they just can't do it without the chairs,” Christian said.

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