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Populations of small towns across the country are shifting, with some rural parts of the south and west booming.

The reason for the ebb and flow is thought to be increased jobs in nearby cities as tourism dwindles in some small towns.

Rural New York, Illinois, and Pennsylvania have seen a drain on their residents in recent months. Meanwhile, Utah, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Texas have enjoyed population increases.

The attractiveness of small towns has to do with job growth in larger cities, Colorado state demographer Elizabeth Garner posited.

"Jobs are people," she stated.

Louisville, Colorado rocketed from 6,000 to 21,000 residents, Fox News reporter Alicia Acuna reported from the town.

Louisville is between major cities Denver and Boulder and close to both.

In contrast, many young people move away from certain small towns to find work, one Delaware County, New York resident said.

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