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Kennedy debated Mike Isaacson, a 29-year-old professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Brooklyn, N.Y., who was placed on leave after he made incendiary remarks about law enforcement.

Isaacson previously appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight, and afterward viewers uncovered a tweet from last month in which he referred to "teaching future dead cops."

Since then, John Jay College placed him on paid leave.

Kennedy said that Isaacson, as an Antifa leader in Smash Racism DC, is promoting violence for the simple reason that they disagree with their political rivals.

Isaacson disagreed, saying that Antifa demonstrates in objection to "a movement that for decades has advocated violence."

He later confirmed that he was talking about white nationalism and neo-Nazism.

"What you are presenting is a fallacious argument," Kennedy said, noting that not all of the rallies Antifa has disrupted are racist or fascist conclaves.

He denied that Antifa was a "vigilante" organization, saying that they work "very closely" with the communities in which they demonstrate.

Isaacson called himself an anarcho-communist and said he hopes his students join professions that would help their community, alleging that law enforcement does not do that.

Kennedy said Isaacson likely doesn't have law enforcement officers in his family as she does, which she said blinds him to how people like herself perceive his incendiary remarks.

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